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Hallo Everyone ! I am Violinna Violinist

professional musician , composer (I also play on viola) !

I also teach violin/viola/piano/music theory and singing lessons and music healing in Amsterdam.

I play and compose on my 5 strings acoustic & eletric violin.

I was born in Romania
At the age of four I began studying violin with Mr. Tatarescu, a gypsy violinist
It was a life time experience.I graduated with Masters of Music degree, in violin pedagogy, musicology, theory and history.I played with several orchestra's and bands all over the world.Mainly classic music , but in the time I've developed my passion for other music fields as cafe concert , tango ,jazz and improvisation. I started to compose my own music in 2016. My first single the "Soul Thriller" by Violinna was released in August 2017 ! CHECK IT OUT HERE :)


Introduction of my 5 strings violin REALIST from the FiddlerShop - SOUND TEST :




My mother language is Romanian ,

my English is excellent and

I do speak good Italian and French.

and I am working on my Dutch ... ;)





Few words of my music manager Lulu Lightning :


She has many years of playing on violin (and viola)
Ina studied classic music and most of her carrier - she played with many orchestras
but she has found another of her talents
and passions in improvising !
And she is unbelievable CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE IN IT !:)
The true artist has showed up :)

She is basically breathing music ....
Breath in the new music ideas ...and then she breath out the love for music she has

and it is wrapped in wonderful great soundcloud ready for your ears .. :)
Come and hear her playing !:)

ps: I'm truly honored to be music manager of such a special musician. She is able to improvised amazingly . She can also accompany any musician. And she is also composing her own music which will get your heart as it got mine . SHE IS THE REAL DEAL !:)

Ps2: her motto explains it all :

" I play colors in sounds and it rhymes like a beautiful painting " ... Violinna Violinist




Violinna is a professional musician - violinist living in Amsterdam. Main role of her carrier was playing classical music with big orchestras and tour all over the world. Few years ago she has decided to went solo and to try new styles in music. That lead her to all kind of new things.
She started to compose her own music,
and to play and improvise with friends musicians to try new styles as tango, cafe concert , meditative music and jazz.
Her passion for music force her to brake the boundaries and go beyond what she has known and learned in past ! She taught herself to play on viola and in 2015 she started to play on 5 strings electric & accoustic violin.
You can book Violinna for your events, recordings, healing session or film music. For more info you can send us an email to: Booking@violinna.net