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Violin/Viola, music theory, piano or SINGING LESSONS? I offer you private classes in Amsterdam ! It is vailable for KIDS or ADULTs , beginners and professionals :) I can also help you with LIFE COACHING/MENTORING and HEALING MUSIC SESSIONS.


houslicky 4This is Mali we met at Cafe where I was performing. After the concert we had little chat and she has founded out that I also teach. Without any hesitation SHE SIGNED IN for SINGING LESSONS :)


Thanks to the singing lessons I'm able to know myself better as a singer. When I had my first lesson I was so scared and because of that I was not able to show my singing abilities in front of Ina. Luckily she was able to see my passion for music and my talent. That's why I decided to follow singing lessons with her. She is one of the best teachers I ever met. After 4 months (seeing her onec a week) I am able to sing in front of her and know my own voice much better. Her way of teaching was for me sort of therapy what I needed to go through and it helped me to develop and achive my passion in music.


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LYNA KHAM about life coaching with me:

Ina is a gift. To be graced with sharing your journey with her is a blessing and deep gratitude. She is a diamond cutter. She will open you and go to your depths and unveil all that is beautiful and deep and precious in you. Her devotion and dedication is unwavering and she will carve you from forgotten stone and polish every facet of you until you know your own brilliance. Her strength is without limit and her compassion will heal any wound. I do not know a teacher more devoted to her students. I am honored and deeply grateful to know such a powerful, beautiful and loving soul. Thank you for all you have given me.


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houslicky 4 This is Anka . She is make up artist and now my leading singer in our band called the "Violinna Anka & Vini" :) Long story short - I met her on an event and saw immediately big potentional as a singer - thou I new there is work to be done and I agreed to help her. She improved so much and such a talented voice I could not let just go so we have formed band together and nowdays we are creating our own songs :)


I am very happy that I have met Ina. She is an excellent teacher ! I have been singing all my life but i realised that I started to sing truly when i met her. She took me to the higher level. She showed me how big my voice is and I learned lot's of things about myself as well. I have discovered new me. This great process of teaching had as well great influence to my life. Another thing i really like is that each time I come to her house for a lesson - she gives me 100% of her time. The whole focus is on me. It is fully my time. How beautiful is that,he? After several months of lessons with her I am much more self-confident to sing and we also started to create music toghether. She inspires me and she has trust in me.
It does not matter at what level you are - she will lift you up and help you to FREE YOUR VOICE!


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houslicky 4This is Emma I helped her music theory and guitar :)


and here I play for white cat ;)


for more informations and prices send us an email to

booking@violinna.net or LULU@LULULIGHTNING.COM